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Immediate Placement

In the past, one of the disadvantages of placing a missing tooth with an implant was the long waiting period, which lasted for many months. First, we had to wait for the bone to heal where the tooth was removed, and then we had to wait for the implants to securely attach to the bone. Only then, after several months, could we place a temporary or permanent crown.

Fortunately, new technological advances and techniques now make it possible, in many cases, to place an implant and a temporary crown immediately-both on the same day a tooth is removed.

The first phase of the procedure

During the first appointment, we make sure your mouth is thoroughly numb, and then we remove the tooth. We then make a channel in the base of the extraction site or reshape the extraction site to receive the implant. An extension is attached to the implant, and we then fabricate a temporary crown, which is cemented in place over the implant. Finally, we carefully adjust the temporary crown to make sure your bite is comfortable. You should maintain a soft diet and avoid chewing on the temporary crown during the next several months, while the implant becomes securely attached to the bone.

The second phase of the procedure

The next phase begins with the removal of the temporary crown, followed by a series of appointments to make your new, permanent crown. Though the process varies from patient to patient, in most cases we will make  an impression of your mouth. From these impressions, we make precise working

The implant is placed The implant anchors to tooth
The final result
models of your mouth, which are carefullymounted for proper alignment. It’s on these models that your permanent crown is fabricated.The last step is the placement of your new crown. The success of your implant then depends on your care of the implant at home, and our support through regular checkups and cleanings here in our office.

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