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Single Tooth Implant

Restoring your mouth with a dental implant is accomplished in two phases. The first phase of the procedure is the surgical placement of the implant. It’s under the gums for several months while the bone attaches to it. After healing the second phase begins. The implant is re-exposed and your new crown is made.
Implant in place

The first phase

For surgical placement of the implant, your mouth will be thoroughly numbed. An incision is made in your gums, and a channel is made in the bone to receive the implant. After the implant is snugly in place, the gums are closed over the implant with a stitch or two. Over the course of the next few months, the implant becomes securely attached to the bone.

Crown in place


The second phase

The second phase starts with surgical re-exposure of the implant. Another incision is made in your gums, and a small extension is placed to bring it above the gumline.

We then start a series of appointments to make your new crown, though some of the steps might e different in your case, they usually include making impressions of your mouth. From these impressions, we make precise working modules of your mouth, which are carefully mounted for proper alignment. Your crown is fabricated on these models. The last step is the placement of your new crown.

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